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Founded in 2014, we are an independent agency who represents high end fashion brands. From France, to Italy, to Spain, we aim to work with the most unique and upcoming brands who will differentiate, more than to generalise our markets.
We are committed to building long-term relationships with both our suppliers and retailers.


Honesty and mutual satisfaction are keywords part of this commitment. Next to keeping it productive and professional, we also think one of the most important things is to have fun in what we do!

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happy haus

HAPPY HAUS’s greatest commitment to the planet is to create clothes that can be worn for as long as possible. Clothes that you never get tired of, that you love to wear again and again, that age well and become more and more beautiful over time. This is why in imagining HAPPY HAUS, founder Sandy Chagnaud first wanted to propose a style and not try to be fashionable. Because fashion goes out of fashion as quickly as it is created and pushes us to consume without knowing what you want and who you are.  

HAPPY HAUS wants to offer a seasonless wardrobe centered around a few designs, deliberately few in number, meticulously thought out so that they become obvious and respond to their commitment. Sandy does her very best to only collaborate with suppliers who share her values, she makes sure they manufacture GOTS certified, use wooden buttons or weave in beautiful organic cotton or tencel. www.happyhaus.fr

permanent collection

Happy Haus eco-friendly denim by Sandy Chagnaud


Masscob is a duality of two personalities: feminine and masculine. Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobián. A unique, pragmatic and forceful couple that provide a warmth, romantic and relaxed style to the fashion industry with their savoir faire.
The selection of beautiful fabrics, detailing and colors are the essence of every Masscob’s designs.

Their collections emerge spontaneously from their own personal universe. They just follow their instinct, creating natural elegant forms that has something to do with a vintage feeling and a sense of pride in a job well done. Because for Jacobo and Marga fashion is not all about trends.

collection autumn-winter 2019


is an independent luxury firm that exists for more than 130 years.
A couple of years ago Charlotte de Fayet took over the centennial brand allowing her to knit her a new chapter.
This devoted lover of Molli, passionate about fashion and marketing, awakens the sleeping beauty. Under her impulse, the knitwear house revisits its iconic

birth ring with a palette of tart colors quickly snatched ‘it girls’ of the world and proceeds to add a wardrobe for women composed of essential and delicate mesh garments such as fluid skirts, tops with ruffle finishes and long capes in textured mesh. This brand is sold in the world’s most beautiful shops.

collection spring-summer 2020


is an impish charm, a sense of adventure, Parisian pavements, a ’70s miniskirt, a gust of freedom, a carefully knitted wool sweater and breezy Indian cottons. An oversized jacket, at least 9 pairs of leather sandals, an Eric Rohmer film and a Sunday family lunch. These are the foundations of Soeur, a French womenswear brand founded in 2008 by two sisters.

Domitille and Angélique Brion, a complementary duo guided by the desire to dress all women, of all generations. They draw their inspiration from their memories, their travels, and a stylistic vision that is indelibly French. The result is delicate, subtly feminine, with an emphasis on tailoring redolent of the masculine wardrobe.

collection autumn-winter 2019


A Dutch label designed in Paris.

After many years of working in French fashion two sisters decided to create their own brand ‘Polder’ in 2001.

Twenty years of happy creation follow until they decide to take a short break; allowing time for a well-needed reflection on fashion.

In 2022 they, together with a new partner, decide to launch their new label: polder.paris. Refreshed en renewed, but keeping the historical spirit of the brand alive.

polder.paris is defined by a mix of sobriety and modesty that can be felt in a reasoned wardrobe, made of beautiful pieces designed to be perennial, a Parisian allure served with vintage touches. The materials are noble and natural, the range of colors is sober. As the seasons go by, a unique style emerges in which the values of work, creation and authenticity are essential.

With a long experience of co-branding and consulting, they also create ready-to-wear, accessories and home collections in collaboration with French and international brands.



polder.paris Dutch brand designed in Paris

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